Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Remember, O My Soul,
 It is thy duty and priviledge to rejoice in God:
 He requires it of thee for all His favours of grace.
 Rejoice then in the Giver and His goodness,
 Be happy in Him, O my heart, and in nothing but God,
 for whatever a man trusts in,
 from that he expects happiness"

from "A Colloquy on Rejoicing" The Valley of Vision

"Thou Great and Only Potentate,
Thou hast made summer and winter, day and night;
each of these revolutions serves our welfare
and is full of Thy care and kindness.
Thy bounty is seen in the relations that train us,
The laws that defend us,
the homes that shelter us,
the food that builds us,
the raiment that comforts us,
the continuance of our health, members, senses, understading, memory, affection, will.
But as stars fade before the rising sun,
Thou hast eclipsed all these benefits
in the wisdom and grace that purposed
redemption by Jesus Thy Son.
Blessed be Thy mercy that laid help on
    one that si mighty and willing,
   one that is able to save to the uttermost.
Make us deeply sensible of our need of His saving grace,
          of the blood that cleanses,
          of the rest He has promised."

from "Bounty" Valley of Vision

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  1. Beautiful post! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Mallory!! :)