Sunday, October 25, 2009


Saturday, we went with several families to a corn maze.  Here are some pictures of us with the Courters before the corn maze.  
 Note: The sun was in our eyes so please excuse the squinting

Rebekah, Me, Esther, Jessica

The boys being boys

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Elijah, Isaac, Lincoln, Caleb, Josiah, Joshua, Eric, Daniel, Brett, and Aaron

The whole clan


  1. oh I love the pictures! I had a great time at the corn maze :) Thanks for sharing the fun with us :)

  2. dearest Mallory --
    It was so lovely to see you last month - our conversations were so great! I do hope to see you again soon... :)

    -- Ellen

    P.S. your blog is quite nice, and I will check it often... :D

  3. Nice to meet you!
    I always love to find new blogs, especially ones with Christian young ladies like me!
    I found your blog through Jessica~

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time!